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The processes, technologies and performance management methods we have developed for our clients not only helped them achieve their strategic goals and objectives but also provided them the processes and tools to generate and deliver products and services more effectively and reliably in a cost effective and fiscally responsible manner. op X consulting provides clients with an array of coordinated services in all areas of business and project management, including strategic planning and execution, performance management, and resource development and optimization based on industry best practices, breakthrough research and development and leading edge  technologies. Through our experiences and engagements with a variety of clients we have learned that there are four key factors in creating and executing a successful initiative. They are:

  • Developing an appropriate and sustainable strategy that is responsive to an organization’s needs, goals and objectives;
  • Obtaining the necessary cross-functional support and participation from the organization’s leadership for the implementation of a comprehensive and targeted solution;
  • Developing an integrated plan, scope, schedule, milestones and applicable performance metrics that achieve the stated objectives of the organization;
  • Executing the plan effectively, monitoring progress, and documenting and communicating the results achieved to the organization’s stakeholders. What makes our firm truly unique is the skill and expertise of our nationally and internationally respected staff and affiliate organizations, allowing us to provide a coordinated suite of services unmatched by any other organization.

What makes our firm truly unique is the skill and expertise of our nationally and internationally respected staff and affiliate organizations, allowing us to provide a coordinated suite of services unmatched by any other organization.

op X Overview


Asset Management Program

We specialize in reviewing and investigating performance and capability in order to help you identify and eliminate problem areas. Depending on your circumstances this may lead to a reframing of scope of services, improved standardization, simplification and automation of processes, possible outsourcing options and options for improved employee performance.

Providing clients with access to the latest in advanced operational, organizational, business and project management processes and technologies are only part of the firm’s competitive advantage.

Facility Management

As an independent expert business, project management and technology consulting firm, op X consulting maintains no ties, alliances or partnerships with manufacturers of systems and equipment and/or IT technologies allowing us to deliver unbiased solutions to our clients to maximize the return on their investment.

Maintenance Optimization

We help clients to increase revenue and profitability, reduce operating costs, improve service levels and reduce cycle times. The firm’s capable cadre of dedicated professionals provides products, services and communicates with clients at all levels within an organization. We support leaders to develop their leadership skills to a new level, to build on existing strengths and competencies to fully engage their team.

Reliability Optimization and Plant Maintenance (PMO)

op X consulting provides clients with solutions for all types of compliance issues: from risk management, regulatory policy, to detailed process analysis. Our objective is to make compliance the natural way of doing business by integrating simple but effective processes and automated reporting cycles to improve accuracy.

Substation PM and PdM Program Assessment

Our commitment is to sustainable results while delivering value measureable today. By working as part of a joint team, we start with the critical strategic decisions taken at the outset and culminating with implementation support that delivers improved results by embedding new ways of thinking and working in the corporate culture.