A confluence of forces, some old, some new, is pushing companies to change how they work, how they train and who they employ. A new generation of technically savvy workers is working its way up the ranks, exposing companies to transformative technologies. New ways of organizing work that take advantage of knowledge sharing are effective in this evolving environment and collaborative virtual teams such as cross-functional, cross-departmental and cross-geographical are being created.

Companies at the forefront of this movement are already outperforming the competition by making sizable innovation and productivity gains. op X consultants are experienced implementers with an approach that is specifically tailored to your business and team oriented to build a participatory culture for the future.


Today’s business operation requires an organization to optimize asset performance and improve service levels and product delivery. op X helps you analyze, redesign and maximize business processes for strategic needs such as, right–sourcing, straight–through processing, monitoring and customer care. With our proprietary methodology, we work to help you meet environmental and regulatory challenges while developing cost–cutting objectives and preserving ongoing business transformation initiatives.

op X solutions helps to improve efficiency and boost business performance. By working as part of a joint team, we offer support at each step of the change process, starting with the critical strategic decisions taken at the outset and culminating with implementation support that delivers improved results.


The op X team is able to help clients deliver improved performance more rapidly and more effectively by strategically addressing both the short-term and long-term needs caused by industry changes. Recognizing the need to drive innovation, manage transformation, create a vision of collaboration, op X has developed a team of experienced management consultants who speak the language of business, providing advisory services across multiple industry areas to help you create and drive your future business strategies and agendas.

Our expertise and skills are evident by the feedback received from our clients in onsite engagements as well as in tailored training workshops, seminars and field engagements. We help clients to review how they are doing, recognize what they could do better and achieve results desired.